We are pleased to introduce our new Patient Standards.

At The Outside Clinic we are all committed to providing our patients, their families, carers and advocates with the highest quality service and putting their needs first. Our Patient Standards have been developed to help all of us consistently deliver this experience to every one of our patients, every day and by living up to these standards we can deliver more than just a high quality patient experience.

Patient Standards Doughnut 160229 Blue


1. Clinical excellence delivered by qualified clinical practitioners

  • Achieve the best outcomes through evidence-led clinical care
  • Registered with professional bodies
  • Continually updating in new developments and learning

2. A choice of quality products

  • Seek to provide an extensive range of optical and hearing solutions
  • Keep patients updated of newly available products and services
  • Have a clear pricing policy with price comparisons

3. Continual listening and monitoring to make our service better for you

  • Empowered to act on patient feedback to make changes
  • Improvement led by research, evidence and patient requests

4. Patient –centred confidential treatment with privacy, dignity and respect

  • See the whole person with compassion and understanding
  • We are always respectful of people’s individual home environment

5. A comprehensive, professional, polite, friendly and timely response

  • Actively listening and communicating effectively
  • Whatever our role, we are courteous, welcoming and approachable

6. Your security and comfort to be assured

  • Personal information always treated as private and confidential, to ensure its safety and security
  • Honest, we will speak up to keep patients safe
  • Consideration is always given to patients needs

7. Trained and experienced staff

  • Reliable and always wanting to do best for our patients
  • Value the contribution of others, team working and share learning