Eye tests for your residents

Each patient will be treated with privacy and dignity

 The Outside Clinic is often invited to continue the optical health care of a patient who no longer can live independently at home, so we visit them in the care setting they have chosen.

We can offer you the same standards and confidence in our service as we strictly adhere to, the Code of Practice for Domiciliary Eyecare. The Code states that all patients should be seen individually.
At The Outside Clinic we specialise in clinics for individuals.

Residents no longer need to wait for a group appointment and they can be sure that their confidentiality, dignity and right to privacy are being respected.

We see patients in their own room using the latest portable testing equipment, This way we can ensure that residents are treated as individuals just as would be the case if they visited a high street practice. No more need for group bookings in a central setting.

We are local to you.

As the UK’s leading provider of home eye testing services and “Association of Optometrists’” Company of the year we have a team of almost a hundred qualified opticians travelling daily in your local area. Through use of the latest scheduling software we can respond immediately to appointment requests and there is no need for you to wait for a group booking.

We offer NHS eye tests and Optical Vouchers and as you would expect we offer a wide range of frames and lenses from budget to designer.

 Testing in groups

Tests conducted in a communal area risk compromising the patient’s privacy and dignity.

Private eye examinations

Tests carried out either in the patient’s own room or dedicated suitable room meet the standards of the Code.

Stress and waiting time

Queuing up to be tested in front of other residents can be distressing.

Quality time

Clinics can be carried out in a suitable setting with no need for stress or waiting around.

 Dealing with sensitive matters

Private fitting and financial matters are inevitably dealt with in front of other residents.

Private fitting

Sensitive fitting and financial matters are dealt with privately, either in the patient’s own room or dedicated suitable room.

 Our hearing services

 We pride ourselves on our individual approach

The Outside Clinic’s national domiciliary hearing service is backed by a team of qualified hearing aid audiologists based locally and is designed for patients that find it difficult to get to their local high street or hospital audiology department unaided. Residents can access the free NHS service through their family doctor. *

Almost one in seven of us live with some degree of hearing loss. In fact according to the latest RNID figures, 40% of over 50s and 70% of over 70s have some level of hearing loss. If left untreated, hearing loss can cause emotional, physical and mental stress. It can also cause you to feel frustrated or lose confidence and feel isolated or ignored.

 There are a number of benefits to the resident in having a hearing examination in their familiar setting:

  • There is no need for the resident to undertake what could be an arduous and difficult transfer to an alternative fixed site traditional service provider

  • Residents are relaxed and engage more readily with the tests.

  • Relatives and next of kin can be involved.

  • Hearing aids can be tuned in to their environment and twinned to equipment such as telephones, TVs and other supportive living devices

Steve Witts, leading the AQP programme at The Outside Clinic comments ‘We are delighted with the roll out of the NHS’s AQP programme and really believe that it offers a meaningful alternative for patients who no longer have to endure an often difficult and painful transfer to an offsite facility for their much-needed hearing test.’

For more information about our services for residents of nursing and care home please call us on freephone 0800 854477.