Newly Qualified Optometrists/Audiologists

As The Outside Clinic has continued to expand so have the opportunities in the company.
We are currently looking for newly qualified Optometrists and Audiologists to join the team.

Full training will of course be provided along with a comprehensive induction to the organisation. A trainer will be assigned to you along with an optom mentor (Optometrists only) to guide you through the initial process.

With more options now available you can have the possibility of working 4 or 5 days a week with the added bonus of not working weekends or bank holidays.


The Company prides itself on the support it is able to give to its professional staff in all areas.

Professional Services are only a phone call away who, in turn, are supported by a dedicated Head Office team ensuring all professional staff are guided and advised on any issue large or small. Dispensing support/training can be provided and there is also a personalised induction programme.

Personal clinical governance file

Each Optometrist/Audiologist  has his/her own personal clinical governance file, the contents of which include regular audits of patient records,
testimonials and other relevant information.

Can I speak with an Optometrist/Audiologist currently providing the service to see what it’s like?

Yes, please register your interest at our Head Office with Jim Gilbert by phone on 01793 648 607 or email and we will arrange for you to speak with one of our Super Optoms/Audiologists at a time that is convenient with you.

More and more Optometrists and Audiologists are continuing to join us and haven’t looked back!