Welcome to the ‘Our People’ section, here you can meet a selection of staff including our optometrists, optical assistants, national trainers and office staff. Whether you are interested in a career with The Outside Clinic or are having your eyes tested by us, here you can find some information about the faces behind the names.

Claire – Optometrist

After studying Optical Management followed by Optometry, I knew this was the career for me. I became very passionate about being able to improve people’s vision and detecting eye diseases. However, after seven years working in retail environments, I didn’t feel I was making a ‘real’ difference to peoples lives.

After finding out a lot more about the company, I realised that this is what I trained to be an Optometrist for.

Working with elderly and housebound patients and being invited into their homes is a privilege. As they can not get out I have found much of their time is spent on visually demanding tasks such as reading, crosswords, watching television, one of my patients even fixes watches. Being able to fully assess their working and lighting conditions is extremely important and is a factor that cannot be checked in an Opticians testing room. I was able to provide a magnifier to allow a sight impaired patient to see the difference and when she saw a photograph of their great-grandchild she was so pleased. I thought ‘this is why I studied to be an Optometrist’.

Working for The Outside Clinic enables me to really provide patients with the help and service they need, and it makes me feel pretty good too!

Aine – Optometrist

I get asked on a daily basis if I like my job and I usually give the short version ‘yes because everyday is different’, but this is only part of the reason. There’s a level of enthusiasm among our staff and a real belief in what we do that I’ve never come across before.

Everyday we go out testing around the country and with the encouragement and support from our professional services team to give 100% to every situation. A line often used by the team is ‘what if we did it a different way’ can we do anything better how can we be better. And this is something that really keeps me motivated how can I be a better optom?
This is also something thats filtered into my personal life how to push myself that little bit harder in different aspects of my life. I ran the London marathon this year and  it was something that did not come naturally to me I had to push myself out that door every time but I was never going to get to the finish line without serious training and belief that I could be better that I could do it. The team have also been incredibly supportive helping me to reach by charity goal of £2500 for the RNIB.

I also can’t talk about domiciliary work and why I love it without talking about the weekends.
The difference this makes to my life goes beyond compare.

Matt – Optometrist

I have been working as a domiciliary optometrist for The Outside Clinic for coming up to ten years. Before I joined the team I hadn’t really considered a career in the domiciliary sector, however since then I haven’t looked back!

I find it tremendously rewarding to visit patients who may have been forgotten by society and think that failing eye sight is just part of getting older.

No two days are the same, and through my career progression into the Professional Services Department, I have been able to pass on my experiences to others. As part of my role I assist in administering The Outside Clinic’s exceptional Clinical Governance programme. This helps practitioners develop professionally as well as ensuring that we, as a company, offer a consistently high level of service to the patient. Part of this function includes visiting colleagues out in the field to perform clinical observations as well as conducting clinical record audits. These can then be discussed in greater detail during our frequent Head Office reviews.

Jim – National Delivery Team Trainer

During my twenty-year career in optics I have worked for a fairly even spread of independent and multiple practices. Each half of the sector offer some good, and some not so favourable aspects of their patient care and staff benefits. Working for The Outside Clinic now finally gives me ‘the best of both worlds’.

Four years in and I have seen The Outside Clinic evolve into a company with a more organised and corporate edge. The staff across all departments are very friendly, helpful and supportive. The Outside Clinic use the latest in equipment and technology, from I-care tonometers and satellite navigation, to telematic vehicle tracking and state of the art record keeping, which makes our jobs a lot easier. I have experienced a variety of roles, and learned a lot more about the industry, and myself!

Throughout my career in optics, I have always taken pride and satisfaction in doing something worthwhile, but never so much as working for this company, by serving vulnerable members of the community that cannot reach the High Street for their eye care. Also, for the first time in my career I do not work on weekends or Bank Holidays, which is a real plus.

Adam – Audiologist

Working for The Outside Clinic provides me with the opportunity to make a difference to peoples lives. This is the reason I get out of bed in the morning and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on the face of a client who has benefited from the service I provide.

It is fantastic to work for a company that shares the same values regarding client interaction. The Outside Clinic are totally focused on helping people and sets itself apart from many other companies in this way.

Everyone at the company is really friendly and they provide great support – a great attribute when we spend so much time on the road. What’s more, I don’t have to work weekends or bank holidays and am home at a reasonable hour, so the work/life balance is very good.

The Outside Clinic’s caring approach to both their clients and their staff makes me both pleased and proud to work for them.