Our mission is to pro-actively support the achievement of The Outside Clinic’s business objectives through the provision of a high quality and specific training and development service.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that all training and development provided has a clearly identified business objective to be achieved.
  • Making our clients aware of the purpose and scope of our department and how this can support their development needs.
  • Targeting our support at the identified needs of both the individual and The Outside Clinic.
  • Constantly improving our training delivery methods, content and skills through regular feedback and evaluation.

We recognise that every individual is unique, a standard approach can be augmented to encompass individual needs. Our practical training and development solutions help us improve productivity and performance.

Bespoke CET program

The Optometry Blog is proud to be working with The Outside Clinic in providing them with a comprehensive and bespoke CET program that caters for their individual requirements. By working closely with their professional services team and head office, we have created a CET program which is tailored to their patient base and clinical requirements whilst also being challenging and enjoyable for their professional population. The methods of delivery are multifaceted and include VRIC’s quizzes, downloadable CET articles, and online multiple choice questions which are all accessed via our online delivery system which minimises disruption and maximises efficiency. The Optometry Blog’s innovative CET programme is used extensively by The Outside Clinic and we look forward to developing their bespoke CET package with them going forward.