Q, Do you work on weekends and bank holidays?

A, No we don’t normally work any weekends or bank holidays!

Q, How many patients will I test each day? (Optometrists)

A, Each Optometrist will see around 7 to 8 patients each day.

Q, How many patients will I test each day? (Audiologists)

A, Each Audiologist will see around 5 to 6 patients each day.

Q, What equipment do I use? (Optometrists)

A, All equipment (except Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope) is supplied by the Company. Gone are the days of a card chart on backs of doors, all Optometrists use illuminated three-metre charts as standard, state of the art diagnostic equipment for tonometry, portable focimeter, etc. Record keeping is computerised and keeps admin to a minimum.

Q, What equipment do I use? (Audiologists)

A, All equipment including Otoscope is supplied by the Company. Record keeping is computerised and keeps admin to a minimum.

Q, What times are patients booked in for?

A, All appointment times are scheduled to take place during normal office hours 09.00am to 17.30pm and time is calculated to allow for travelling between patients.

Q, How far is the distance between appointments?

A, The appointments are clustered together to
minimise travel during the day so that the majority of the time is spent with the patients.

Q, How do I get to my patients?

A, The Outside Clinic uses the most up-to-date technology to keep you informed of their schedule. The very nature of home eye testing and the different needs of each of the patients seen by The Outside Clinic, mean that schedules can change at very short notice. However this does not present insurmountable problems as you will be equipped with portable internet access computers which deliver instant updates as required and all are equipped with a mobile phone and satellite navigation.

Q, Do you provide support for the Optometrist?

A, The Company prides itself on the support it is able to give to its professional staff in all areas. Local Optometric Managers are only a phone call away who, in turn, are supported by a dedicated Head Office team ensuring all professional staff are guided and advised on any issue large or small. Dispensing support / training can be provided and there is also a personalised induction programme.

Q, What is the procedure with regard to visual fields?

A, Following an eye examination, visual fields can be requested using FDT, Oculus computerised perimeter etc. After being carried out by the delivery team, results are sent to the optom with a copy of the record for evaluation.

Q, Is there a bonus or commission available?

A, Yes, there is an attractive performance-related bonus for every Optometrist which is calculated daily on productivity.

Q, Is a company car provided?

A, Yes, with Satellite Navigation and Telematics System.

Q, Can I speak with an Optometrist / Audiologist currently providing the service to see what it’s like?

A, Yes, please register your interest at our Head Office with Jim Gilbert by phone on 01793 648 607 or email jim@outsideclinic.com and we will arrange for you to speak with one of our Super Optoms or Audiologist at a time that is convenient with you.

Q, Do you provide CET?

A, CET is provided every year.

Q, Do you provide CPD?

A, CPD is organised monthly with time set aside to complete.

Q, Do you pay for GOC fees?

A, Yes, the Company pays for your annual fee.

Q, Do you pay for HCPC fees?

A, Yes, the Company pays for your HCPC fees.

Q, Do I need my own liability insurance cover?

A, All professional field staff are covered by the Company’s Liability Insurance.