I am entitled to a free hearing test, am I entitled to a free hearing aid?

Whilst the hearing test is free, we offer a private hearing aid dispensing service in some areas. If you wish to have NHS hearing aids you must go through your Doctor, in some areas the aids may also be available free from us; call us to check the status of services in your area.

How long will the visit last?

The Hearing Aid Audiologist will normally be with you for up to 90 minutes

How will I know if you are from The Outside Clinic?

All staff wear a prominent identity badge, which includes their company ID number. They have had a Disclosure Certificate through the Disclosure and Barring Service (Formerly the CRB) and the company is registered with both the Health Professions Council and your local Primary Care Trust. You will also receive a telephone call prior to your appointment, to let you know they are on their way.

Can The Outside Clinic provide hearing aids?

Yes. After an audiogram has been taken, the Hearing Aid Audiologist can help you choose hearing aids to help suit your hearing loss, style, dexterity and budget.

Are the hearing aids digital?

Yes, all of our hearing aids are digital, regardless of price and style.

What if the Hearing Aid Dispenser finds wax in my ear?

If the Hearing Aid Audiologist finds your ears to be either partially or wholly obstructed with wax then they will refer you to have it removed. If you believe that the presence of wax may be contributing to your hearing loss, it is best to seek advice first from your GP.

Do you have information for patients in alternative formats or languages?

Yes we can provide information regarding our service in alternative formats or languages.

You or your representative can request this by calling our Freephone number, sending an email to info@outsideclinic.com or writing in with your request.

What if I need additional support or a translator to access the service?

If you require additional support to access our service you or your representative should contact us as above and we will discuss how to provide this.

For any queries about hearing and hearing tests at home please call us on freephone 0800 854477.