Procedures Performed 

Case History – Full electronic contemporaneous records, audited regularly for completeness

Hearing Assessment – Subjective word recognition test, such as word lists

Otoscpoy – Thorough examination of the outer ear

Pure Tone Audiometry – Conducted to British Society of Audiology standards

Explanation of Results – Checks on patient understanding the nature of their loss

Aural impression taking – For custom fit and bespoke devices and “tips”

Hearing Aid Prescription – Clinician lead advice on aid choice

Hearing Aid Fitting – Fine tuning of the Hearing aid to the patients audiogram including Real Ear Measurement (REM).

Tympanometry – Procedure measuring the pressure of the inner ear

Hearing Aid Benefit Profiling – Using Glasgow Hearing Aid Benefit Profile (GHABP)

Cleaning and Repair Service – Including self-help, advice and online guidance

Hearing Aid Aftercare Service – including battery and consumable supply and fitting service.

In-situ Rehabilitation – The Pairing of Hearing Aids to TVs, telephones and other supportive living devices