Hearing tests explained

Taking a case history

Our home visits will start by the Hearing Aid Audiologist completing a detailed case history in order that they can fully understand any trouble you are having as well as asking important questions relating to the health of your ears. They will take notes and create a record based on the details they take.

Carrying out an otoscopy

The main test involves an otoscopic examination. This is simply a detailed look at the ear canal and the outer ear using an instrument called an otoscope. This part of the test is a visual examination to determine the overall health of your ears and to check for any obstruction that may be affecting your hearing, like wax for example.


Following the visual examination, the Hearing Aid Audiologist will set up an audiometer. Audiometry involves taking a series of accurate measurements of your level of hearing using a specialist machine called an audiometer. These tests will reveal the extent of any hearing loss and help to determine the best hearing system for you.

Impression taking

Assuming a hearing loss has been found and you feel that a hearing system will benefit you, the Hearing Aid Dispenser may need to take a mould of your ear so that the appropriate hearing aid can be produced for you.

Dispensing hearing aids

After the hearing aid has been made for you the Hearing Aid Audiologist will come back to see you at home and fit the instruments to you. They will ensure that the sound is comfortable and clear for you and that you are happy and confident with how to maintain and use your hearing aids in daily life. Everything will be explained and any questions you have will be answered. Following the visit you may have questions over the first few hours and days and that is when you can talk to our patient services team by simply calling 0800 854477 and you can also ask them for a further visit if you feel this would be helpful.


Due to the nature of hearing aids full aftercare is important and that is why The Outside Clinic makes our after care available free of charge all year round for your peace of mind. A follow-up telephone call will be scheduled approximately 2-4 weeks after the fitting date to assess how you are getting on and to address any questions you may have. If an aftercare appointment is needed at this time a Hearing Aid Audiologist will come and visit, you can also request a visit at any other time by calling us.

Call our patient services team for help and advice on freephone 0800 854477.