All about lenses

There is a wide variety of lenses available to choose from today to suit all requirements and prescriptions. As well as the usual single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses, there are now lenses designed for specific tasks like computing and there are many different materials which are designed to be suitable for different types of frames and prescriptions.

Plastic (CR39) lenses

Traditional plastic lenses (called CR39) are much lighter than glass lenses and safer in the event of breakage. They can be tinted almost any colour and darkness and can also be treated to reduce scratching.

Hi Index lenses

These are newer plastic materials that are denser (higher index) than traditional CR39 above. The end result is that the lenses can be made thinner and lighter. They can still be tinted, they absorb the UV light and come already treated to reduce scratching.

Aspheric lenses

The aspheric lens is actually a lens design that can be used in most lens materials. It is a way of shaping the lens to create a flatter, thinner and less distorted lens than traditional designs, leading to lighter and far more cosmetically appealing lenses which can be used in modern designer frames for most prescriptions.

Photochromic lenses

These are lenses which react to light, so that in dull conditions they have a soft neutral tint, and in bright light react with a tint appropriate to the intensity of the ambient light.

Reflection-free coating

Spectacle lenses can also be treated so they have reflection free surfaces, which virtually eliminate distracting reflections, enabling people to have improved vision and they are visually more appealing.

Looking after your lenses

Whichever glasses you choose, it is vital that you keep them clean. Use the appropriate cleaner for your lenses and avoid putting them ‘face down’. If possible put them in their protective case when you are not using them.

If you need new glasses your optometrist will present you with a large selection  to view on the day of your appointment; these range from budget to designer frames. You can view a selection of the ladies and gentlemen’s frames we offer and also the designer brands we supply by clicking on the links to the left.

Any additional spectacles that you need between tests can be ordered from our dispensing and delivery team who will be happy to visit you.

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