Checking the health of your eyes

Our Optometrists use an ophthalmoscope to shine a light into your eye, allowing them to examine the health of the eye, inside and out.

They will use a retinoscope which is used in a comprehensive eye examination to give the optometrist an indication of what kind of prescription you may need. They will also conduct an assessment of the eye muscles to evaluate the ability of your eyes to work together.

Measuring your eye pressure

Our Optometrists use a tonometer to measure the eye pressure.

This is one of the tests for assessing for the presence of glaucoma. High street Opticians usually use a machine that is described by patients as the “puff of air” test.

At The Outside Clinic, the instrument used to measure the eye pressure is called an I-Care tonometer. This is a quick and painless method, which requires no drops, and doesn’t puff air into the eye, although there may be a slight “tickling” sensation.

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