John Attrill Zambia Aug 2007 taken by S ThompsonThe Outside Clinic have partnered with Vision Aid Overseas to offer a life transforming experience

Newly employed Optometrists who choose to join us could be part of this fully supported and financed once in a lifetime opportunity as a Professional volunteer on one of Vision Aid
 Overseas’ assignment to Sierra
 Leone, Zambia or Ethiopia.

Helping the world to see

Rachael, a Super Optometrist of 8 years at The Outside Clinic spent a memorable time in Ethiopia, this is her story.
“Professionally I was able to utilise my domiciliary skills finding that I was able to adapt easily to working in outreach clinics and dealing with unusual pathology. On a personal level it helped put into perspective the importance of a work life balance and to be grateful for all the luxuries that we are privileged to have in our western lifestyle.
It also taught me an important lesson in everything having a value, glasses were so important , something to
 be treasured.”

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ImagesHow to be part of this once in a lifetime experience

To find out more about how you can be part of this 30th Anniversary celebration we welcome you to an interactive taster day with our Professional services team. One of these coveted places could be yours, it’s only a telephone call away. Offer available to direct candidates only, terms and conditions apply.

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